So now the dust has settled on 2013; let’s get stuck into 2014!

This will be familiar to many of you – the start of a New Year means the playing out of the long established ritual that many of us go through.  Resolutions!  In my case, I always reflect on the outgoing year, I have a think about what can be done better and then I write out what I am going to achieve for the future – many times recycling the existing resolutions that always seem to be beyond my grasp.  Hand in the air, as yes I am one of those people.  I have the list on my phone, in Evernote, on paper, in my head, more or less everywhere. Same old, same old.

Not this year though.

Yes, I have my resolutions; better put - I have my objectives.  However this year is different.  It’s different because I have the desire to achieve my objectives backed up by the faith and the expertise to know that I am going to get where I want to go. I see and smell the achievement every single minute of the day!

What I’ve done isn’t rocket science, nor is it a divine gift.  It’s something I’ve learnt how to do and trained hard in order to make happen.