First Impressions

It’s been 4 months since SilverStorm started sponsoring the youth rugby within the Club so I thought it would be appropriate to dedicate this quarter’s column to describe my first impressions.

Only yesterday, someone told me that this would be the best investment we ever make (I say we, because SilverStorm is more than one person); it’s obviously too early to make bold statements like the one my friend has made, but it’s not too early to say that I know we’ve made the right decision.

I love all rugby; I watch rugby on the TV, I read about rugby everywhere, I talk probably too much about rugby, I go to the games (home and away – I encourage everyone to make at least one road trip each season – the team really appreciates it), but there is nothing like watching the kids play.  This last point is new to me; I have two girls, their chosen sport is volleyball so I have not had the first hand experience of taking my children through the ranks of the Club.  But I have to say that watching the youngsters play is addictive; the passion that everyone has – the parents, the trainers, the managers and of course – the kids.  You are the heart and soul of this Club - something we must never forget.

The philosophy behind what we are doing, the model that we have adopted, and the values that we are teaching are what makes this Club great.  Ask me if it’s the right decision to be involved with this – damn right it is!

Congratulations to everyone involved in C.R. El Salvador; as my friend says ‘you are all Champions, and that’s before you even step onto the pitch’.

Article written for Rugby Blanco y Negro C.R. El Salvador